Restoration of road safety conditions and environmental matrices following an accident

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Thanks to our experience in the field, we are able to develop and manage a wide range of solutions with high added value to ensure maximum safety following a road accident.

Upon the occurrence of a claim, our company is contacted by the Police Force, at toll free 800.89.89.89, and we intervene to clean/clear the part of the road smeared with the residues of the accident.

Thanks to the widespread presence of its Operational Logistics Centers (CLO) throughout the country, we are able to carry out the post-accident road recovery quickly and effectively.

The types of intervention, in emergency, restoration of road safety conditions and reintegration of environmental matrices post road accident, consist in cleaning the road platform with:

  1. aspiration of the pollutants of functional equipment of vehicles, poured on the roadway;
  2. recovery of solid waste relating to the equipment of vehicles, not biodegradable, dispersed on the road surface;
  3. any other activity necessary as a result of the loss of loads transported and damaged on the road surface;

The type of intervention sub a) and sub b) will be carried out by SA even in the case of accidents without the identification of the vehicle whose driver caused the event and, therefore, the economic burden related to this intervention will remain the exclusive responsibility of SA, that you will not be able to recover costs from insurance companies.

The interventions of restoring the safety of the road surface are carried out by our Operational Logistics Centers (CLO), which receive the training, the means, the equipment and the products necessary to remove both the spilled pollutants and the solid debris

The phases of the road rehabilitation service

Upon arrival at the site of the accident, our operators perform the necessary operations to restore the previous state and to ensure smooth and safe circulation through a procedural process:

  1. Delimitation of the intervention area
  2. Risk assessment and removal of hazardous elements
  3. Waste removal from road platform,
  4. Cleaning and washing of road surfaces
  5. Removal of road construction site
  6. Final report and paperwork

To ensure widespread coverage throughout the country, we have over 600 operating facilities, including CLO (Operational Logistics Centers) and other companies specialized in the remediation of contaminated sites or the restoration of road appliances.

The operating structures are present capillary on all the national territory and the incident is taken in charge from the nearest Logistic Center, assuring timeliness of participation, one of the strengths of our truth.


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