Major post-accident road rehabilitation

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We carry out activities aimed at promptly restoring the original condition of the road and the surrounding areas involved in major road accidents or with significant winters, for which the carried out activity of restoration from the Operating Logistic Centers is not sufficient, but it is necessary to address to of the specialized enterprises.

The following cases are included in post-major-accident restorations:

  • severe spills
  • dispersion of goods,
  • dispersion of hazardous, infectious or toxic substances that require remediation of the affected area.

Each restoration is monitored, coordinated and inspected by us, in order to ensure the efficient management of each operating phase.

The post-major accident recovery phases

Arrived at the accident site, our specialized operators carry out a series of operational steps in order to bring the area back to the conditions before the event and ensure the safety and fluidity of traffic:

  1. Realization of a photographic documentation of the accident site
  2. Delimitation of the intervention area and protection of damaged infrastructure
  3. Hazard assessment and removal of hazardous elements
  4. Containment of any polluting liquids
  5. Disposal of waste from road surface
  6. Cleaning and washing of asphalt
  7. Verification of the effectiveness of the intervention
  8. Dismantling of the road yard
  9. Preparation of a final report and completion of administrative procedures
  10. Rehabilitation of roads and road safety.


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