Sicurezza e Ambiente

We guarantee the service of restoration of road safety conditions and reintegration of environmental matrices, at no cost to the Authorities and Citizens.

Who we are

Our company is the creator of the service of restoring road safety conditions and replenishing the environmental matrices compromised by the occurrence of road accidents.

We were born in 2006 with the aim of ensuring the correct restoration of post-accident road safety conditions, having particular regard to the protection of the environment and the safety of citizens.

Upon the occurrence of a road accident, we are contacted by the Police at the toll free number 800.89.89.89 and we intervene to clean and clear the part of the road smeared by the residues of the accident, using specific equipment and covered by a patent. The costs are borne by the insurance companies guaranteeing road traffic.

The interventions are guaranteed on the entire national territory within 30 minutes, 24 hours on 24, for 365 days a year, through specially formed and strategically located operating structures, called Operational Logistics Centers (CLO).

With the largest operating network by number of facilities – about 600 Operational Logistics Centers – and specialized operators located throughout the country, Our company is now one of the best practices in the field of road safety and environmental protection.

Our numbers

Intervential Realized
Operating structures in
the national territory


Press Review Road Safety, starting with clean asphalt

The Observatory of Safety and Environment publishes data on interventions in 2021. Over 550 thousand pounds of solid waste and almost 330 thousand liters of liquid removed from the streets.

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Road safety sea acquired from Vam Investments-Adon Capital

Safety and Environment is acquired by the investment holding company Vam Investments and Adon Capital.

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Removed abandoned cars at the Vomero

The operation to remove abandoned cars in Naples, in the Vomero area, receives the praise of Mr Sergio Costa. 

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