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Our company was founded in 2006 with the aim of contributing to the restoration of road safety and environmental conditions following an accident.

Our interventions are articulated through the safety, cleaning and remediation of the road affected by accident (oil, glass, plastic). To do this, we use certified operating procedures and protocols, using only patented vehicles, equipment and software.

With the largest operational network by number of Structures (about 600 Operational Logistics Centers) and Specialized Operators (over 2500), we represent one of the best practices in the world of mobility and the fight against insurance fraud.

Our teams immediately arrive at the scene of the accident and photograph the accident, thereby limiting insurance scams that affect the increase in the RCA premium. The costs of our interventions are borne by the insurance companies guaranteeing road traffic.

Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure people’s safety and protect the environment through highly specialized interventions for the cleaning and extraordinary maintenance of the road platform and its surrounding areas in the event of accidents.

To achieve this, we employ strict protocols developed by industry specialists to ensure that our work aligns with road safety regulations and environmental protection standards. Our intervention includes the suctioning of pollutants and the recovery of non-biodegradable solid debris spilled as a result of the accident.

Our objectives are:

  • Improving road safety.
  • Safeguarding human well-being.
  • Respecting the ecosystem.

The following principles are in line with the European Road Safety Charter, to which we adhere with conviction and determination, aiming to contribute to the reduction – even to zero – of accidents often caused by the failure or imperfect restoration of road safety.

Our values:

Our commitment is inspired by the protection and preservation of the environment and human life.

Professionalism, transparency, and ethical behavior are the fundamental elements for us to operate in the direction of safeguarding human life and the environment.

All Safety and Environment activities are carried out under the “Concession of Services” (Article 3, paragraph 1, item vv) of the Code of Public Contracts. Therefore, the economic burden of post-accident recovery is borne by the insurance of the driver responsible for the road accident. If the latter is unknown, the cost is incurred, but we intervene and restore road and environmental safety with equal diligence.

In order to promote, support, and disseminate educational and research activities on environmental and road safety, we established the Sapere Aude Study Center in 2009, led and managed by a Scientific Committee. The Center carries out activities of interest in environmental protection and road safety within the regulatory and technical-scientific fields.

We have joined Zero Impact Web to fight global warming: emissions resulting from visits to our website will be converted into the creation and protection of growing forests in Costa Rica. This small action confirms our commitment to the environment and is aimed at promoting greater awareness of issues crucial to Earth’s preservation.


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